Lane County Propagation Fair evolution

In Oregon 2008, the Eugene Permaculture Guild‘s annual spring seed-swap evolved into the Lane County Propagation Fair, distributing 100’s of rare varieties of apple, pear, plum, grapes and more to the community for free, with rootstock available for a nominal fee, and expert grafters available to make the connection.

8 years later, it evolved into the Agrarian Sharing Network, recognizing the need to de-centralize its sources and event locations as a means to make the phenomena more sustainable, more practical by localizing, and thus more resilient and permanent.

2017 so far has events planned as far north as Portland, OR and as far south as Williams, OR with a few around Eugene and in Sweethome and Deadwood.  Here’s the schedule:

March 4: Williams, OR.

March 11: Friendly neighborhood, Eugene, OR.

March 18: Portland, OR.

March 25: Sweet Home, OR.

April 1: River Road, Eugene, OR.

April 7: Bethel, Eugene, OR.

Date as yet unconfirmed: Deadwood, OR

For a more concise take, view Nick’s post:

Farewell Lane County Propagation Fair. Welcome the Agrarian Sharing Network!


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